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InflatableOffice duplicate sales pushed to QuickBooks Online or Xero: What to do

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Duplicated frozen pops representing duplicate sales

Why is Inflatable Office pushing duplicate sales in QuickBooks Online or Xero?

Details and common reasons why they occur.

Often times, transaction duplication can occur if orders are changed or modified after your Inflatable Office account syncs the order to QuickBooks Online.

Sometimes, a simple client quote and the misuse of InflatableOffice can result in an incorrect "push" to a sale transaction to your Accounting Software.

In addition, with QuickBooks Online, each transaction type - estimates, sales orders, invoices, sales receipts - has it's own unique order numbering. For example, in QuickBooks Online, it is possible to have Sales order ABC123 and Sales Receipt ABC123.

If you do not have your QuickBooks Online account yet, get one here with rebate.

Other times, the issue is not with InflatableOffice, but rather with how QBO (Quickbooks Online) is used, or I should say misused. QBO is a complex accounting software, a very good one too. As an accountant myself, QBO is by far my favorite Cloud Accounting Software of the time. But to use it correctly it requires to be a professional certified QBO Advisor.

You probably didn't like what you just read; you may think you can use QBO correctly. But you are reading this article because something isn't working fine, right?

Duplicate transactions mean you will end up paying more income taxes than you should, and remit more sales taxes too. So better try to fix this before it's too late.

How do App connectors prevent duplication?

Between QBO and InflatableOffice (IO), there is a bridge so that both software can "talk" to each others. It's an App Connector. Usually when a sync is triggered by IO, the app connector checks QuickBooks to see if a transaction already exists in QuickBooks Online by comparing the order numbers. If there's a match, the connector should skip it and not duplicate it.

That is true if the connector is correctly built and mapped. However, glitches happen, and this is when it gets ugly in your books.

How do I troubleshoot duplicate orders?

You can try this yourself, here's a list of things to try.

1. Your software connector, the App that makes the bridge between Inflatable Office and your QBO, usually treats invoice #1 and sales receipt #1 as different orders. Ensure you mapped the connector correctly. This requires a very good understanding of accounting. You might want to consult a bookkeeper or an accountant for this.

2. Ensure that order numbers (in IO) / and invoice numbers (in QBO) haven't been changed, edited, or otherwise altered in any way during the order's lifecycle. Your staff needs a training and strict procedures.

3. Ensure that client quotes (estimates) are not synched to your QBO by mapping the connector correctly. Also, an unpaid quote in IO, or a dropped quote should remain with the status quote, never be changed for "completed" or "partial".

4. Ensure that cancellations made in your InflatableOffice are reflected (manually or automatically) in QBO. Again, a cancellation in IO should remain with the status cancelled, never be changed for "completed".

5. If refunds are offered to clients, make sure they are synched or manually added to QuickBooks Online.

6. In QBO you see the sale(s) in the appropriate category account (for example "Rental Revenues"), but you also see it (duplicated) in another general category account such as "Sales". This was caused by the misuse of QBO. Someone in your team is posting the bank deposits in the category "Sales" instead of matching the deposit with the existing payment created by IO.

Issues persist. What should I do?

If you haven't already, contact your App Connector support and try to get their help.

However, often these people are not in the accounting field and may not be able to do the correct setup.

Read and post in the InflatableOffice community forum. Same with their Facebook Page.

If this all fail, we can help you. Onyxia Accounting already serves clients using Inflatable Office.

We fix QuickBooks Online duplicate issues such as:

●Duplicated sales transactions; ●Duplicated client payments; ●Duplicated deposits; ●Old Undeposited fund still hanging in the General Ledger; ●Old Payments to deposit also still hanging in the General Ledger;

●App integration gone wrong as well as setup.

Contact us for a free consultation via our contact form here.

Nadine LeBrun

President & Founder

Comptabilité Onyxia Accounting

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