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4 Reasons Why You Need Automated Receipts

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Why You Need Automated Receipts


1. You will free up your time, seriously.

2. You will save space and be more efficient.

3. You will be closer to 100% audit-proof.

4. No more nightmare of locating receipts and expenses from all over the place.

Without saying that your accountant will love you, because everything will be available for them in order to do the work.

Remember, receipts and invoices are supporting documents to your expenses, and the government requires you to keep them all for minimum 6 years.

The Problem

Alright, you might already know that there are Apps that "read" your digitized receipts with OCR technology and that you don't have data entry to do.


But the problem lays somewhere else:

you need to "upload" the physical and PDF receipts to these apps, and well, truth be told you are overwhelmed with work and don't find the time to pick up your receipts and add them to the app.

You want help with this, with document automation, without having to pay an assistant to scan each of your receipts and go through your email box(es) and fetch your invoices and receipts.

So how do you streamline this workflow and automate your receipts processing?

There are many in-depth steps to follow, and you do this one time, then it is setup. From time to time your accountant will have a few adjustments to do here

CamScanner App in Action

and there, but the automation will be going on until you decide to stop it.

To summarize:


You will need a new habit in your daily routine: as soon as you have a receipts/bill in

your hands (be it restaurant, gas, office supplies) you pull your cell phone out and scan the receipt right away. No more tossing the receipt on the back seat or in the purse. This is a tough habit to break for many, but this is the only solution to your headaches.

We personally use and love an awesome free scanning App that you can find in Google App store and Apple Store. Find out the name Here and Why we love it.


Open an Hubdoc account, add your bookkeeper as a user, and have your bookkeeper make the proper setups. 15$ CAD per month.


Forward the receipts you have scanned with your scanning App to your Hubdoc account. The forwarding option is included in the App we suggested above, by using "email to self".


Add your bookkeeper or accountant as an email Delegate (this is for Gmail and GSuite), for other type of emails, either you share your email credentials with them, or you call your email service and ask if you can delegate someone on your account.


Your bookkeeper or accountant will then be able to organize all the receipts and bills that you receive by email, and with proper setups, they will be able to automate the flow of these receipts/bills to your Hubdoc account. When done properly and regularly revised, this will happen automatically, week after week. Nothing manual anymore.

receipts automation

Of course, this is easier to write than to put into action. But in a nutshell, this is how you do it.

At Onyxia Accounting we have partnered with a number of leading Apps providers in this domain, and we have helped some of our clients to automate their receipts. If you would like our help to automate your receipts processing, we will be happy to help you. Please contact us by using our online enquiry form.

Thanks for reading :)

Nadine LeBrun

President & Founder

Onyxia, Comptabilite | Accounting



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